Chicken Salad Sandwich

without grapes

Recipe Ingredients - Chicken Breast - Challah Bread - Celery - Red Onion - Mayo - Lemon Juice - Butter - Tomato - Seasonings - Salt (Optional) Dill Pickles and  Potato Chips

Step 1. Season your chicken breast. Bake until browned and the juices are clear.

Step 2. Let the chicken rest for a few minutes then shred it with a fork.

Step 3. ln a large bowl, combine the chicken salad ingredients.

Step 4.  Meanwhile, in a large skillet, toast one side of your bread with butter.

Step 5. Now assemble your sandwiches with chicken salad and a few slices of tomato.

Serve with a dill pickle and/or potato chips!

Serve with a dill pickle and/or potato chips!

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