Hash Browns

Easy Breakfast!

Recipe Ingredients - Russet Potatoes - Egg - Flour - Black Pepper - Cayenne Pepper - Vegetable oil - Salt

Step 1. Peel and shred your potatoes and rinse them in cool water; finally, let them strain for a few minutes to remove the excess water.

Step 2. Now add your strained potatoes in a large bowl along with your flour, beaten egg, and seasonings, then mix to combine.

Step 3. In a preheated cast-iron skillet, fry ½ cup of your potato mixture in a few tablespoons of vegetable oil for 5-7 minutes.  Then flip and fry the other side for 3-5 more minutes.

Step 4. Repeat step 3 until you have finished frying all of your hash browns.

Serve with scrambled eggs and bacon. Enjoy!

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