Fried Rice

Made With Chicken & Cabbage 

Why You'll Love This Recipe!

- Fried rice is simple to make with 8 ingredients. - It's a family favorite recipe.  - Chicken fried rice makes the best & most delicious lunch or dinner leftovers!

Recipe Ingredients: - Cooked rice - Chicken -Sliced onion - Minced garlic - Sliced cabbage - Dried oregano - Cayenne pepper - Liquid aminos or soy sauce

Step 2. Next brown the onions and chicken. 

Step 1. Scramble your eggs and set aside.

Step 3. Next, add the shredded cabbage then cook until tender.

Step 4. Add in rice and liquid aminos or soy sauce.

Step 5. Lastly fold in the scrambled eggs and top with chopped green onions.

Serve and enjoy! Follow  The Midwest Kitchen Blog for more recipes!

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