Breaded Buffalo Chicken Wings

Simple Homemade Buffalo Sauce

You'll love this recipe! These air fryer wings are juicy, crispy and covered in a simple homemade spicy buffalo sauce. It's perfect for game days or weeknights!

Recipe Ingredients - Chicken wings - Seasonings  - Vegetable oil - Rice flour - Hot sauce - Melted butter

Step 1. Add chicken wings to a bag.

Step 2. Add oil and seasonings to chicken.

Step 3. Close bag and mix mix mix.

Step 4. Coat chicken in brown rice flour.

Step 5. Add wings to air fryer in a single layer. 

Work in batches if needed

Step 6. Air fry until crispy and golden brown. 

Toss wings in homemade buffalo sauce. Tap for the full recipe! Enjoy!

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