Hello, I’m Tonya and I run The Midwest Kitchen Blog. I was born in the Midwest and raised in the South. My family is from the Midwest and the South, so my recipes are a mix of the two! 

I am the third out of four children, and I love reading the Bible, drinking tea, painting with watercolor, and cooking from scratch!

Where it started

I have always loved to cook since my mother first started teaching my younger sister and me when I was 8 years old. I went through many phases of cooking, from learning how to cook with boxed mixes to now cooking almost everything from scratch. It has been a fun journey of learning how to season food in delicious ways, create new dishes with and without a recipe, and share it with people I love. 

Why cook from scratch using organic and clean ingredients?

One thing in particular that started this journey of cooking from scratch and using organic and whole ingredients, has been my health. Over the last few years, whenever I ate something that wasn’t organic or had clean ingredients, I would get really sick. I would either get migraines, terrible stomach pains, fatigue, or a mix of all the above. My younger sister also had this problem. But whenever we cooked our food at home, we didn’t have any problems. So we started this journey of learning how to cook from scratch using organic and clean ingredients. 

When you first start eating healthy you might think that it has to “taste healthy”, and leave you wanting store-bought or takeout, but there’s nothing like home cooking!

Cooking delicious healthy homemade food from scratch doesn’t need to be hard or void of key ingredients. Healthy food doesn’t have to mean no butter, or sugar, meat, or wheat, because God gave us these things to enjoy. I believe that moderation and balance is the key. 

What kind of recipes will you find here?

The Midwest Kitchen Blog has become a creative outlet for me as well as an online recipe book. This recipe book has a collection of recipes from my heritage – African recipes, African American recipes, as well as many Midwestern and Southern favorites. 

All the recipes I share will be made from scratch and presented in an easy and beautiful way. 

No matter what stage of life you are in, I hope you find a recipe that you can share and enjoy with your family. Enjoy!

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