Beef And Barley Soup

- It's quick and easy to make - It's hearty and comforting - It's made in the Instant Pot so everything comes together in one pot!

Why You'll Love  This Recipe

Recipe Ingredients - Beef - Barley - Mushrooms - Chicken or beef Broth - Garlic - Seasonings - Vegetable Oil - Salt and Black Pepper

Step 1. Press the sauté button on your Instant Pot then fry your beef chunks with vegetable oil until they are nicely seared.

Step 2. Next, cook your vegetables with salt until soft and just starting to brown.

Step 3. Add the rest of the ingredients into your Instant Pot, then press the Meat and Stew button.

Step 4. Cook for 1.5 hours, then add your barley. Continue cooking until tender.

See the blog post for the full recipe.

Serve with bread and fresh parsley. Enjoy!

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